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About us

At Rindal skimuseum you can learn more about the skimaker traditions in Rindal. From local craft tradition to industrial production of skis. The many skiers who used the skis also have a central place in the exhibition. The old Heggemsfjøset represents a typical feature of North west coast building customs and has a natural place in the museum yard in Rindal. The ski exhibition and museum café have been accommodated in the new extension, made of solid wood and with a modern look in contrast to the old barn building.

Rindal skimuseum is a part of Museene i Sør Trøndelag as (ltd), and is a department of Orkla Industrial museum,  situated in Løkken Verk.

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Bodil Børset
Bodil Børset
Manager, Rindal skimuseum
Museum24:Portal - 2024.06.11
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